Electronic Passport

You can apply for the electronic passports at the Consulate General of France in Houston (Texas).

Current passports will be accepted until their expiration.

A passport is issued to an individual and certifies their identity, the conditions for issuance are more strict in terms of civil status and nationality.

The Long-Form french birth certificate of the applicant must be submitted.

The two photos must follow the guidelines of the International Organization of Civil Aviation.

The centralized production of the electronic passports prohibits immediate delivery. The first passports will be available at the end of the month of May. However, in case of, a justified, emergency the Consulate can issue an emergency passport with a validity of one year.

The applicant, including minors, must appear in person at the Consulate or before an Honorary Consul to submit their application and return to pick up the passport.

In case of difficulties contact the Consulate by email at joelle.koenig@diplomatie.gouv.fr.


1.The Birth certificate, in the case of a renewal, the old passport.

2. for a first time application, an official piece of identification, either french or other nationality.

3. one of the following proofs of French nationality is required:
Long-form copy of french birth certificate (copie intégral d’acte de naissance)for persons born in France, of whom one parent was also born in France. It is recommended you obtain a recent copy of your birth certificate with the most recent additions regarding marriage, divorce, French nationality, acquisition of French nationality or change of name.
-certificate of French nationality
-declaration of acquisition of French nationality
-naturalization certificate

For French citizens born outside of France, or whose parents are born outside of France, who do not have a certificate of French nationality, additional documents will be required (valid French national identity card of one parent, long-form copy of birth certificate of one parent, ‘Livret de Famille’ of parents, etc.)

4. A proof of status for residents of the United States:
-green card
-American passport
-employment authorization card
-valid US visa with I-94 (excluding B1/B2)
-for residents of Bermuda: landing permit or other proof of status, you may also show proof of your residence for the past six months (electricity bill or telephone bill)

5. A recent proof of address:
-rent receipt, electricity or telephone bill, tax return, etc. under your name or spouse’s name.

For students living on campus, a letter from the University attesting to your address.

For persons without their own means, the following documents are required from the guarantor.
-electricity or phone bill, rent receipt
-copy of an official ID with signature
-letter attesting to the address of the applicant (certified by a Notary Public).

6. Two photos NOTE: The size format of the photos must be respected or the application will be refused.

A Police report in the event of a stolen passport. For persons not registered or whose passport was not issued in New York, the date and place of issue of the lost or stolen passport is required.


-children of married parents: family book ’Livret de Famille’
-children of divorced parents: divorce decree proving parental authority
-children born out of wedlock: parental authorization either from the mother alone if she has formally acknowledged the child or from the father when the child has been formally acknowledged only by him or by either parent if parental authority is held jointly and if they have documents to prove it. Parents may also produce court orders.


About $75 US (half for minors), payable by credit card or cash.


French citizens visiting the US will be issued a ’laissez-passer’ which will allow them to return to their country of residence (valid for certain countries only) or a passport valid only for one year, for other countries. In either case, the applicant must apply in person at the Consulate and present the following documents :

-proof of identity and French nationality or information on the lost or stolen passport
-two passport-size photos
-airline ticket or airline reservation
-police report

For a ’laissez-passer,’ the testimony of a French national who knows the applicant well may exempt him/her from producing proof of identity and nationality.

Issuing an emergency passport will take several days.

All passports not picked-up by the applicant within 3 months will be distroyed.

Last modified on 17/02/2010

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